Placeholder Storage Welcoming First Customers

After a long road Placeholder Storage has opened Phases 1 and 2 at its flagship location at 26410 Hufsmith Conroe Road in Magnolia, TX. Situated just off FM 2978 near the Woodlands this location will prove to be a convenient place for RV owners to store their prized vehicles between adventures. It is very satisfying for my partner and I to see this project finally nearing completion and we are excited to meet all our new partners in the RV community.

I remember back when Placeholder was first conceived at a local Tex-Mex restaurant over margaritas. We were just soaking up the Texas sun on the outdoor patio talking when the conversation turned to taking a chance and walking away from the 9 to 5 grind while building something that would give us a sense of accomplishment while enhancing our community. Several ideas floated past but nothing stuck until we started looking at RV storage. Here was an industry in need of some change. Research showed that RV owners choices were largely limited to small one off lots with limited resources and limited amenities. From there our concept developed and is beginning to take form. As this concept is still in process I won’t divulge all the details but will say our vision for this 1st location is for our tenants to have what they need to maintain their vehicles right there on the lot. To that end we have built spacious 12.5’x45’ slots with 60’ drives so backing into a space is easy. We have installed 15 amp outlets for each individual space so everyone can plug in and maintain their batteries. For you night owls there are both lights in every bay as well as security spots along the outside of the buildings. For the entrance we included 2 electric gates with plans for a 3rd. This not only makes it more convenient to enter and exit it also prevents the frustration of being locked in or out due to a gate failure. There is, of course, security fencing where appropriate and we will be adding the security cameras in the final stages of construction. Finally, our crown jewel will be the wash and dump stations that are now in process. These stations will eliminate the need to find facilities offsite for this regular vehicle maintenance.

For the future we have plans to add locations and increase the services offered to our customers both on the lot and on the road. Overall, we are looking forward to meeting our new customers and continuing this journey!