You Speak We Listen

The great thing about Placeholder RV and Boat Storage is when you call, text, email or comment via the website you are talking to an owner. My partner and I had one vision when we started this journey and it was to make Placeholder renter driven. That means we will work to meet the vision of our customers. So, what we have heard is some concern that the 26 foot drives seem a little tricky to hit with the tow along RVs. We have listened and today I met my concrete guy and brainstormed. What we came up with is an expansion of the runway portion of the driveways by 45 inches on each side for a total of about 8 more feet. We love our renters but if you can’t hit that expanse of concrete ain’t much we can do for you!! The point being my partner and I will spend what we need to in order to make renting at Placeholder the best experience possible for our customers. With that said, I met with the camera guy last week and we put a plan in place to provide security for the short term that will be expandable as more customers join our crew. In the long run we will have visibility at each gate and into each stall. Ronnie, my partner, and I take security very seriously. We probably spend too much on it but peace of mind is worth it! Since my last post we have also added potable water onsite so you can fill your tanks before heading out. The spigot is next to the well house, that odd building in the middle of building 2. Just attach your hose and crank the handle. Its well water and safe to drink. Just want to close by saying thank you to those of you that have entrusted your rigs to us and to pledge our commitment to insure your adventures launch successfully from our lot!